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教 育

網路小博士 網路兒童課外學習資源,包括英文、數學、圍棋等
家有小頑皮 專為父母及兒童設計的親子站台
兒童世界 Kids' World
Yahooligans! A Web Guide for Kids
恐龍世界 Dinosaur World Tour is an interactive learning center about dinosaurs
Everything on Dinosaurs from Yahoo
World's Kid Network haslots of good information for kids to read and look at
Kid's Web provides children with an opportunity to learn about a lot of interesting topics
Kids.Com has art, pictures, and educational information for children
Oasis Kid's Corner has everything for kids
The Discovery Channel Online
Fun Fact of the Day
British Columbia Creature Page
Yahooligans: A Web Guide for Kids provides children with a wealth of interesting and educating material
3-D Knowledge Land allows kids to learn while also having fun
AntBoy's BugWorld! provides interesting information about insects
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Volcano World has a lot of information about volcanos
MathMagic helps kids learn math while also having fun
Sea World
International Kid's Space一個專為小朋友設計的站台

兒 童 閱 讀

資訊小子 針對小朋友的網絡雜誌
KidPubMore than 9,000 stories written by kids from all over the planet! MidLink MagazineThe Electronic Magazine for Kids in the Middle Grades
The Internet Poetry Archive
Children's Literature Web Guide
A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Candlelight Stories has many children stories
The Internet Public Library: Story Hour provides interactive stories for children
Spalsh Kids Online Magazine
Walt Disney Daily is a fun and interactive "newspaper" for kids
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Fairy Tales os a Gopher index of many popular fairy tales
Dr. Seuss
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
has stories, picturies, poems, and sounds
The Muppets
獅王 The  Lion King
Little Planet Times is a online newspaper designed just for kids
Winnie the Pooh and An Expotition to A Wonderful Place

遊 戲 樂 園

Knock Knock Jokes & Riddles
CyberKids Home has many links and topics for children
Sega Online is full of video game information
Kid's and Computers Page
Olympic's: Just for Kids
The Boomerang Page
Cool Word of the Day
Oragami is an "art" of paper folding into many neat and interesting shapes
Interactive Web Games from Yahoo
Sports Illustrated for Kids Online
The Info Guide: For Kids Only has dozens of links to a variety of children topics