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小提琴獨奏 Violin Solos By Yu Lina

梁山伯祝英台 (3:56 分鐘)

Madrigal (Mu4 Ge1) (1:08 分鐘, 0.5Mb) -||- (5:25  分鐘, 2.5Mb)
春喜 (2.57 分鐘, 1.4Mb)
春月夜 The moon mirrored in the spring (0:57 分鐘, 0.45Mb) -||- (6.30 分鐘, 3.0Mb)

Folk music (Instrumental)

sound Bright Eyes (2:02 min play)
sound Fengyang Drum 凰陽花鼓(0:56 min play)
sound Jasmine (2:03 min play)
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sound Couple Going Home (2:57 min play) (from the original play)
sound Da4 Ban4 Cheng2 de Gu1 Niang2 大板城的姑娘(0:48 min play)

Contemporary music

Do You Know (4:15 min play)
Don't Care To Wait (4:01 min play)
Half Life Fade (3:54 min play)
Kiss In The Wind
Light Again
Stealheart (4:11 min play) contributed by ty .
Whoknows (In Cantonese 4:16 min play) contributed by ty.

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Chinese Comedy

Jiang1Kun1 Xiang4Sheng1
The following files are HUGE. Please be patient if you are on a slow line ! ENJOY!

Ru2Ci3Zhao4Xiang4 (18 min play. 8.8Mb)

She1Ge1Yu3Ai4Qing2 (20 min play. 9.7Mb)

Kan4Qiu2Sai4 (5 min play. 2.7Mb)

Hu3Kou3Xia2Xiang3 (20.2 min play. 9.7Mb )

Nai2Zi3Han4Zhi1Ge1 (8.5 min play)

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